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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

请支持博客。Bloggers need survivals。。。










请支持我们!希望你们在欣赏的过程中,不妨多加以留意、及运用部落格里“上下中左右”的特定广告模式,我希望你们能看看部落格里的”TAG:To Google Ads”,这则文章属真实事件,你应该会感觉到我的意思。(是英文的文章,但你们可以把它翻译成中文,用Grab with widgets)

请支持我们!Bloggers need survivals。。。(我们也需要生存!)

Please support Us。Bloggers need survivals。。。

Don't U know & realize that ,why so many bloggers willing to put all kinds of ideas, comments & suggestions into their blogs?Some of them are threated their BLOGs as their diaries.

Some of them sees it as one of a channel in netcity.So that everyone around the world can feel what they feel,no matter what kinds of issues,opinions,comments,Or even suggestions that they can find out from what they have concerned about.

But for me?I threated my BLOGs as my:-

Diaries 。( I can write something without papers uses,b'cos I hope I can go for Green )

I hope I can find out opportunities to establish my own book 。( The publishers said:It contains only few pages if they print into books.Not much,So wasted! )

I can give/come out with so many ideas! ( Most of the ideas are not so interesting & sold able )

And I like sharing my opinions with someone 2. B'cos we have humans' communications & tolerances,we are willing to respect to each other,and that!We are different with other lifeslihood.

( Some people don't.My words doesn't pointing anybody. )

What I am gonna say is,I hope that U,those people that are watching,enjoy reading articles in BLOGs,Please try supporting Us!We just hope that, while U watching those articles that we'd written,

Please don't hesitate to serving the”Classified Advertisements” that are surrounding the BLOG.I really don’t know what other people thinks,but I really hope that those supplements serving that U do,will give us a better lunch to have.

Yes!Neither getting jewelries,nor getting rich,just a better lunchbreak for Us.Really!

As U know,”Nothing is Free” in this world.We don't expected to be wealthy after having few articles in BLOGs & getting well-known.As I agree...Definately!We can't even force somebody to clicks,& solicites & even serves the advertisements that the”Channels” have。

But Bloggers isn't non-human beings.They also need some extra incomes to paying bills,for survives,so that U & We are happy enjoying reading articles that Bloggers' shared.

What we hope to see is,when anybody serving BLOGs,Please don't hasitate to serve!Take a look of the advertisements that are surrounding BLOGs,& use it properly,if possible.

( Classifies like Ad,Goo…,& Fetch/Search something like that )

( Note:If anyone bought gifts/something from the net,please be sure of those terms & conditions before U click on it. )

Really appreciated if U do that!!!

I'll suggest U to read 1 of my article,called ”TAG:To Google Ads”.It is a true story that happened to me Once upon.As I wrote this article,I think U 'll understand on it.

Please support Us。Bloggers need survivals。。。

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