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Saturday, February 27, 2010

China Girl

I think I’m in " China " ,because I always wear “ 菜拿 ”.
( means–bag )

Every time I don’t do my assignments.Still ! I get marks.Why ?

(B’cos they called it asidements,U just need to put them aside,sure getting marks.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

To Google Ads

To: Google Ads

I like sharing with friends for what I have done/experienced in my lifes,that’s why I decided to have my own BLOGs.But I have got problems.I’m actually in the status of intermediate lifestyles.U may thought that I’m same as those people. serving net just for fun. (I’m not actually)

Besides sharing with friends & bloggers about happiness,I wish that I can get some incomes to cover my family’s expenses.I still remember by the time I had reached the age of 13,one of my parent: my Father having a heart attack,he needed gone to hospital for getting rescue & medical treatments at night.But b’cos lacking of money to support those bills,his treatment is getting late (Money comes 1st b4 treaments,as what they said). Luckily my father getting rescue after that (Thanks for that doctor & nurses for rescuing my Father).

At the same time,the expenses figures for taking cares of my Father had made a burden for my Mum (About 15 Thousand Dollars). Where can we get those money to pay such a huge figures of bills? This kinds of incident forced her doing few jobs (Long working hours,but low incomes) to pay bills.She has asked most of my relatives to help us (Either getting advance from them/doing those harder jobs) . Nobody wanted to help her,not event helping us,but kicked us somemore (Having so much of conversations, which is being rude to us).Some of our relatives blamed my Father that he had an overdraft from them b4 he got heart attack.Those incidents happened is like a heavy thunder straight forward hammed to ours' hearts.

(At the end,there is some evidents proven that my Father didn’t do that,& nobody wants to apologize about their silly actions).Still,what can we do…???Bills is still haven’t yet settled.

My Mum took her jewelly (during wedding between my Father & Mum),getting mortgaged & get those money,(plus +) getting out our a little bit of yearly saving coins paying for hospital payments. (That’s the end of the incidents for this moment.Unfortunately,few months later,my Father getting an another heart attack,& died after that)

I knew about kinds of feeling having no money in this real world.That’s why I ‘d like to make application of Ads,at least I can support my lifes,& my family’s expenses,getting them a better lifestyles.Still,they decline to approved my applications,just stated words of “ Unacceptable site content ” .I really hope that Google ads can give me more details of what is lack of information during my applications (Some more specific infos…) Until now we are still having concerned about daily meals in the next day,& the next day,& the next day .

I’m not putting/showing any rude articles into my BLOGs.& I hope that Google ads,anybody’s out there would helping me,& tell me what I should do for my applications.Helping people is a good thing for anyone ,& now I ‘m one of the person that needed yr help.Thanks

Really appreciated.

I'm not bluffing.Hope U like this @@!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Problem testing

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Show me yr love.U can do it in many ways,like kissing…hugging with he/she/someone that U care about, cooks for them (sometimes) ,join their activities.Or !…if U are rich,U can give them supplement Credit cards for them to scrap,give yr friends supprises,even U can sleep with them if U feel sleepy after jobs (house cleaning) is done (In different beds & rooms,don’t make dirty thinking…!!)

U can also tell them jokes to make them happy (simple,easier, & cheaper) .But I have found another way to express my love for the person that I care…(How ?) Have U heart that,U can smell something through net,with the product that is called ”Nose”,like flowers,meals’ smells etc…I use the most natural ways to do it.(we don’t know what components they have used to make us feel really smell something,some of them may feel allergy on it.)

I make some “musical” fart,& recording into my album (Really…?! No doubt)

If they feel smelly (they may scold U,smackdown on U,give U a “Give me 5 (Slap)” on yr face… ,/screw on U too) .So, no matter what’s the timing/wherever U are,they’ll still remember U,& the “loves” that U gave them (maybe for a decade).That’s why those memories is important for human beings (even for animals).Some animals smell something on the ground to makesure,whether those places is belonging to other kinds of animals (like acknowledging them with Msn: “If U come over to my place,I ‘ll acid U with my “Special make” toxic pees somemore.”). Like that I think.

Even when we get dreaming,sometimes we feel heats from our parents/friends/relatives that has being gone,we felt that they are still alive/around us…Since,it is just a dream... (Do U agree with my concepts?)

Heats is important (No heat,No air,No lives…) That’s why I fart…

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today I’m happy .Nothing happens actually… ( Nope,not b’cos I’m off tomorrow (Sat) ),just I meet my relative,& an Unknown Uncle (already retired)。

For next few days I’m getting rest.So I would just staying at home,& “Refill” my engine.When I look at him,I feel that He…is a man …neither a “Superman” nor “ an Ultakman (Ultraman),he is just a guy (Retired Soldier) with his wife, cooking meals for customer。

What I like to discuss about him is…,he likes to be friends with customers.Talk funny2 stories,that he may/had heart/experienced b4。 (Sounds nothing for this historical guy)

Although we haven’t talked about his histories,he told me about his lifes in America.Taking airplanes flying here & there,is just like having daily buses for work.Really…!! ( B’cos flying is faster than driving for travel,at least no traffic jam up there… )

Just kidding。。。 (m_m)

I like chatting with these guys & girls,U ‘ll find out lots & lots of stories…images comes out from what they have experienced.Some of these stories may let U know about their lifestyles between us & them。

Want to know what we are talking about.Meet me in the next Episode。。。

Chinese New Year

祝您发财身体好 财神陪您睡懒觉
虎年记得别乱跑 免得被逼吃药膏
爆竹乱跳舞高超 肉干来临病就好
有人陪伴是最好 只怨苍蝇在唠叨

DD 09/02/10

Wish U all get wealthy & healthy.
Hope that yr lucks is be with U,till U get sleepy.

Remember ! Don’t simply go out for travels during the year of “Tiger”.
Avoidance of being having injuries ‘’ll be better.

Feels happy watching fire-crackers dancing,is it ?
U ‘ll feel better,when U get fine,& no more sickness arounds U later on. (getting regards)

It is good when somebody is being with U.
But sometimes it’s quite annoying when they ‘re over complaints.

Wish mother & father,happy & feel good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


All the time we have/had/we may just received letters & cards,either from business kinds (Statements,Loans,Receipts,Acknowledgments,Drafts,& so on…),/festivals (Wedding,Christmas,Valentines,New Years) .How long have U been not receiving such letters & cards (postcards) from yr friends,relatives/someone that U didn’t meet for so long? Most of us don’t get realize about the popularization of letters & cards,that has being used,& still use it for decades & decades (New items come out,. (B’cos we are now using the fastest & better ways :e-mailing,SMS,MMS,friendstel,faceboot,Hi-?,twinkle…) ,just like children nowdays knowing about the branded mobile phones come out lately,but for house phone/telephones,they may think those things are just an antiques.

I would like to write a letter for the people that I care,& I hope they care me too,& reply my letter.It’s just a few words,but those words are more valuable than rubbish mails in our mailbox…ever :


How are U going ?
( 近来可好 ? )

I hope U still remember me… ,and um… um…
( 希望你还记得我。。。还有就是。。。)

Are U still getting breath ? Not yet dying ??? !
( getting concern about each other )
( 口头禅 )

U had better remember me (my face,my dielects,my shapes)
最好把我给记在您的脑海里 ( 我的长相,谈吐腔调,或者是我的体型 )

Because I don’t remember who am I anymore.Could U please tell me…!!!
( Parkinson disease )
( 您还记得我是谁 ? 请您告诉我好吗 ? )

( am I Ucion06 ???)

It is just an example...Thanks for yr concern.

(Don't try these actions,no matter where U are...!!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

High Incomes

One of my friend sent us a result of: (Incomes = Anxious).
Let me reply her Q : (Chinese Version-07/01/10)

每个人都有烦恼 ,但这并不意味着 ( 收入= 烦恼 )

当你做CEO/( 老板) ,当上GM/SM (经理)
基本上你已经把大部份的工作( 文件)交给下属
没人逼你工作到三更,家式上班族也一样 (unless 你是个工作狂)
CCTV能让你晓得工人是否还在mamak 档。。。(Toilet不算)
有问题还可问管理层“保安“ ,用MSN跟随就OK 。。。
老板就是酱胖 !出来的咯。。。(8%-Smallest/100)

哪怕还担心JPJ人员向你讨KAPI,给你中SAMAN。。。? (58%-Medium /100)

工作做不来,让山上的主任 “嚼“
拗来拗去,跟唱R & B有模有样。。。没什么两样
你说人生活到酱。。。惨不惨。。。?(78%-Large /100)

(以后就只能躺在棺材里,牢在坟墓/陶器里,给人摆) (98%-XLarge /100)

死后还担优有没有人去管,他/她的宠物。。。(100%-XXLarge /100)

再看看。。。! ( 收入越高= 烦恼越多 。。。?)
Go Daddy $8.99 .ASIA Sale!