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Thursday, December 31, 2009


For my whole lifes,finally I know how to get dancing,this is what I really unexpected. (How?) Let me tell U a secret,I just add some chilies,sours sweeties & venegers in my source’s ingredients (For what purposes??) .Later on when I taste it,my body is shaking…Really ?? (No doubt)(Which part of yr body is shaking?) My head… (So I know how to dance...haha) Happy New Year...!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Do U remember what meals that U had yesterday?Does it tasted good?I’m sure U still remember,right?How many presents that U have got from Christmas Day/festivals?I hope U’ll know how sweet are they preparing those gifts for U/give U some “surprise”.What ‘ll happen for those things that U had/have afterwards (What do U mean?) I meant the rubbish,bones,veges,hamper’s plastic bags,papers…etc?(Now U remember…!!)Just thrown into dustbin/rubbish bag,get packing,done !!! (Why don’t U try getting used utilized of those things/arrangement of seperations/reconsider b4 U having/throw something?Haven’t U heard the words of:Being getting avoidances is better than getting cure for treatments later on??) We can use these kind of word,& make used of it for our environments too…!

Do U think that those rubbish ‘ll be disappeared, just like that?(Not as simple as that) Do U realize that those plastic resources,papers/may needs hundreds yrs (as I ‘ve seen in newspaper) to get dissolve. (Think about it) Hundreds yrs at least (Guys & girls,yr parents,childrens,even great-grand parents & relatives may no longer in this world,then) .Those bones,veges…?Have U seen those “meals” are packing,bags & bags,all put it into larger rubbish tanks for sewage companies to get collected?That is just part of sewages that I have mentioned.What about for those chemicals,hospitals’ equipments,constructions,those rubbish that some people that are so selfish (for their own good,unresponsibilities) just throw it into other places (on the roads,in the rivers,forests,grounds…,even nearby yr housing areas) & so fort…Some of those rubbish are hard to getting dissolve.So,where are “they”?They may just being packed/stay at the same place,without concern.Day by day…they all are disappeared (Really) ,under the land that we are standing right here,there,even over there ! & smells sting.Some day,chindren are playing on the field,while playing,something comes out from the ground,bones!!,plastic bags!!worms…,they may play arounds with those rubbish too.Getting pain later on,parents bring them to hospital,clinic to get medical treatments.(Is that what U want to be?)

We are having so much of tourism for long–term period,countries & companies are making profits,b’cos tourists spend they money & time just for fun,happy…& less complaints,later on they just packed their bags & goback to their own countries.What about those “things” that they ‘d been thrown into places that they had being travelled? (Some of them thrown,into forests,on the beaches,sticks the chewing gums at walls,tables,chairs…) Somehow people make problems too (us & the tourists) Countries are being well-known,but those problems still surrounding us.People have being educated at child age,but how come the don’t get realize about responsibilities of being a person? Oh…b’cos they have moneys,they can do whatever they want,without concerning about the consequences of their actions…Sewages/Rubbish issues can be 1 of the fact of accidents happen. (If someone throws something on the road,but not in the dustbin/rubbish bags,even we have public dustbins around the road,& we don’t use it.Once vehicles cross over/driving through,it may sticks into their tyres & caused accidents happen,some people are death,which those kinds of incidents can be avoided. (Then someone’ll blame that it is his fault,”No !!Not me…,& conflicts happen”) How “Cool” is that?

As simple as that,no pain,no site effects & U may gains on it,Flora & Fauna may not wiped out,just based on yr simple action, ”Reconsider,reused,recycle,reseperation arrangement” .As I know,those average of rubbish weights that “we” have thrown daily (1 Day Only) is about 2,000 tonnes (Not 2 KGs)just for a state.Consider about it,we have so many countries,states,avenues,even different nationalities,races,religions…Billions & billions of people around the world. (Everybody throwing just “ 1”,a canned/a piece of tissue on it,billions & billions of rubbish packages’ll be “borned” by “Us”.About 5.5 millions of trees that had being cut within this 1/2 yrs,just to produce tissue papers,papers,airplanes' tickets,pencils & so fort... U may replace using handcraft instead of using tissue papers,This kind of way has being used for long time ago b4 the tissue papers is used wisely.B4 that I’m just like U,not really cares about the environments,climates…Since I realized that during these few yrs,earth-quakes,tsunami,floods happened,lands being collapsed,bird’s flues,H1N1,H5N1,may caused by high productivities,constructions,& peoples’ behaviours (That isn’t my business…/The world/environments won’t be affected b’cos of my “unpurposely/purposely” throw some rubbish,as long as it is not happen to me). I’m not a scientist,not even a predictor (I can’t tell U what’s happen next,but I may realize what those consequences of our “actions” affect us,although I know that foods,water,moneys & shelves is important to us for survival …!! (Do U want to be like yr children staying undergrounds in future,b’cos the land is already“death”??U won’t be able to have flora & fauna back(/reverse actions/Undos),which is wiped out with moneys…It ‘s too late…)Think about it …

Try to reconcern about our small actions,reconsider on things that U have,reused (/try to not being wastage) on it b4 U throw in into dustbin,rubbish garbages,make some separation (U may think uncomfortable in the beginning,& Okay on it later on).(What about for those finish goods products in the markets?Although we are not using them,the things is still around there...) That's why we need everyone,every kinds of field to have such minded thinking,that U can do it no matter where U are(/less production with less pollutions).While Australia gov.(based on news report) has done something & annouced to stop selling mineral waters in their country recently.Some of them,maybe affected of their actions,but afterwards they may replace it with bottles,instead of buying m.waters (We have so much of choices/alternatives for every actions that we have done).If “U” have such a reconsider,& reused’s actions,U may not need to reseperation & recycle.It has no “Magics”,just need yr “Basic” actions.

That’s all about my personal opinion.

(How much U want to pay me…??) (n_n)
C ya…

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Try to be 2nd/3rd PLACE

“ Who Wants To Be No.2nd/3rd & so fort”,"Not" the 1st/in the 1st place (either in Careers,Competitions/during the selected choices, & etc…) ?.What do U think about my Question (Q)…?,(Someone pls.gives me some comments about it).Or U may think that No.2nd/other alternatives for the decisions made/things is such a kind of faith/choice that the 1st is better than the 2nd?(Maybe…)

Let me tell U something good for being the 2nd & so fort.Lifes is full of choices,Could U choose to be an eldest brothers/sisters in yr family members’ ranking (I’m the 3rd member in family’s status)? Do U know that being the 1st person of the winner,the 1st person having records…,those kinds of things may good for their memories,but they health consequences may also being affected afterwards(over practicing, concerns),& some of them don’t get realize about that. I’m glad to hear those people, who can utilize they time arrangement between studying/working & playing,travelling (at least they are happy for the ways of choosen).

I have seen a friend of his eldest Sister, always keep working,serving nets,& luckly she has her socialities in her lifes.One day we are having chit-chats.One of our discussion is that…she wants to get happy,but somethings is border her to be…what she wants to be.So she asked me about it.I just tell her (my opinions):Try to not to be the 1st (in everythings,maybe left over yr status too,for a while as an Eldest):But in reality, I’m the eldest amongs my brothers & sisters.How could U saying that try to not be…?Having U such feelings that U are care so much about other peoples’ comments after joining/take participants on such thing(either good/bad things)?.Aren’t U feel scare being the “eyes“ amongs yr relatives? (A little bit).If those thinking affecting yr decisions making,why U still getting a “Bag” that having a lots of representatives,pressures,responsibilities on yr body?Like me,I always couldn’t get sleep when I’m preparing my test/exams.Still…I had my bath b4 I lied on my bed/have a cup of milk on that.Few hours later,after wake-up,having a bath again,it is much more easier for me to remember of what I’d read,than by the time of pressures is surrounding me(reference only).At that time I realized that pressures’ll force us to have a such an optimistic/pessimistic thinking (sometimes it happens to me too).So,that is what I’m trying to do.(U may saying that I just lying to myself on it,Ya…!!(maybe…why we shouldn’t be?)We are neither Superman,nor an … Wonder women /Increadible Hulk in comics’ characters,”No 1 is being Perfection,but we can try to be !!”.Sometimes releasing for something/rest for a while may have better ways of solutions.As we know that there must have winners & losers in competitions,although we have lost on it,we may not feel so disappointed,just hoping,& keep practicing to get a better results next time. I still wondering how is my friends eldest Sister recently.

(Children are really care about their parents’ supportive on what they r doing,no matter how.“Falling down“ to get lessons sometimes’ll be better than, U’ll regret having taking cares of their whole lifes later on ,b’cos “Nothing is Free/Perfect”.)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A letter to my teacher

I still remember that Day, where...,our family members moved to KL,when my father's Co.management decided to " Kick him out " for doing another new jobs (Actually he got proposed on new jobs).So,we all “ Unlucky ” following him to this brand new place.

Since I’m still under aged (minor),I had no idea about what the jobs means,what to do & what the heaven my father is doing at that time.Not like those kinds of children nowadays,look clevers & intelligence. (just look like,inside ,don’t know).So,we are getting “ ble-ble (confuse & again,confuse !!) ”, followed my father turning upside down in this city (as he gets into east,we won’t turn into the west;when he wanted us to stand up,we just say “ mum mum ” (eating))…kidding…(n_a)

After all the things had being prepared (including looking for house rent,which nearby to our primary school,submission for those documents for getting learning into it,necessities,etc…),we just get into bed,& sleep. (Good night…Zzz…) End of story...

(Not to be so early…continue)

OK,back to the letter to my teacher,actually that Day,I had modifed some words from my exercise book (that book is so special,that we have to get exercise b4 we write something,to get the password,and then we can log into it-That’s why nowadays we called it PCs…haha).that yesterday my teacher ,Ms.Yin made some corrections. So I got punished on my hands in class,& scold by her.Since that day,I’m really scare going school.After having some discussion between my Mum (Panda Mum,that U’ll always couldn’t find her) The King of family’s CEO,& my teacher (Ms.Lion Queen,that U can always find her,because of “ Yin & Yang “),they went into the battle of “ Street Finder ”,shown their “ So Lamb Kungfu “, and “ Tamago Mahai ” for students.At the end…I can go back to school & get study.

So,I really have written something for U,Ms.Yin.Hope that U can accept my honor. (Ready…)

“ Hope that U still remember me,because of this special case ,as U have so many students that U’d teached at that time.I’ll pray for yr health,yr happiness,and yr sadness,hoping that U can live for decades (and not comingback as a Vempire),all teachers that I have forgotten theirs names,and U that still sitting there,looking for my words.Be happy always … ”

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tips for sharing...

Some of U may just concern about big issues/things that 'll affect yr plannings/lifestyles.Me too,but sometimes I also concern about the small matters,maybe it is a bit helpping for yr health,incidents/much more easier that U may not realize.So,let's see what we have for today's menu: (Just for references)

-1 .Wondering whether snacks that had being sealed are in good condition,just turn the canned food upside down.

-2 .Switch off those panels/wiring/extended panels of electronic items,if U don't want/have to use it,eg.Hifis,TVs,PCs (the period of usage 'll be better)

-3 .Always keep places clean & dry/wearing a slipper in wet kitchen/on the way to bathroom/places where flooring is wet,to prevent injury happens.

-4 .Be sure that yr vehicle's drawer has some pens,papers,combs,in case U want to write down something/comb yr hair for events.

-5 .When U want to get something in the water in bathroom,but U can't catch it,try to turn on the water & let it flow into pail/bucket,until the things can be reached.It is for yr prevention of dizzy,waist being injured.

-6 .Do U know that playing music.eg.MP3,radio/net redio station when U are studying,reading/working'll get more relax,and it may help U less emotion/stress.(Volumn adjustment for different person to feel relax)

-7 .U should seldom wear yr bags/wearing bags opposite to the road,to prevent easily been robbery/person getting injured caused by robbery.

-8 .Always try to be happy.Optimistic is better than Pessimistic.Talk to someone to get relief of yr stress/complaints/happiness.

-9 .U can close/contrast the light sometimes,when yr eyes is feeling pain (Normally when U are wake-up).U 'll feel more comfortable.

-10.Besides using emergency lights when yr vehicle is in trouble,U can use it to get attention from other drivers too,eg.heavy rain.Having a "Flash lighting" signs,if U want other vehicles go through b4 U.This kinds of actions may help U from accidents avoidance.Lock the door once U have entered into yr vehicle,& don't trying washing front-line mirror of yr car/come out & scold someone when some liquids is thrown into it.U may clean it afterwards.(Somebody may wants to make trouble with U/hurt U)

Those things mentioned may not make U richer/famous,but I really hoped that these cases 'll help U somehow.(As different people,different understanding,ways & solutions) Do U understand?Give me some comments (n_n)...

Friday, December 18, 2009

An incident that I'd heard from...

Once upon a time...(Just kidding...about 10 yrs ago),my relative's friend (I called him Sexy...) Okay,Sexy is driving his car going back home as usual.And he used the same highway road between the distance of his home & the office.Usually nothing's happen,since he always goes back earlier,but that day,he needs to stayback for his unfinish works.By the time he finished his works,it is already at Midnight day.

Getting tired,& sleepy...after Sexy washed his face,he started his highway's journey.Just imagine,if U always use the same road journey,usually U'll remember the journey's signs,right?.eg.Signboard shows b4 right turning,a Fuel station on yr lefthand side after flyover...etc,that day he couldn't recognize those things.Thought he used the wrong highway road.But after being review,the name of the road "Cast Way Road Highway"is same as what he is expected for going home.(That day traffic jam,highway road maintenance is going on).U know right...just keep waiting...& time is wasting.

While traffic jam is going on,he is getting tired,hopping that the traffic jam'll be over afterwards.At that time his mind is gone through,he found out that,there is another new way road on his lefthand side that he never try b4.Nobody seems want to go there.So he turned there and see whether he can reach his home faster.

No lights during the journey,& seems he is alone on the road,the only has is some sort of moonlight & rockstones flashing through his eyes.Sexy continues drives his car,keep driving...driving...and driving...After having an 1/2 hr's journey...So wreid,his car is going back to the"Cast Way Road Highway",the same location that he had traffic jam 1/2 hrs b4.He felt scarry & strange at that time,but don't care so much 'bout that,he just hopping getting home as fast as he can.So,after traffic jam is slightly getting bettter,straight away he drives is car as fast as he can (Just like having a Car Racing),don't care whether police'll compound him for his dangereous of driving ways.Goback home,close the door,& sleep. (-_-)Zzz...

What's getting wreid,is that in the next day ,he try to spend sometime,goback to the same highway,same location that he faced the scene yesterday...,there is "No" addition road journey/signs shown on the lefthand side along the road. (Why is this things happens???) After discussing with my relative & his friends,they believe,Sexy is driving through to another dimension (As we know,in our space,we normally seens 2/3 Dimesions-2Ds/3Ds is what the scientists always called that).But this lovely guy gets "So Lucky", get "In" into that "Space",& getting "Out" safely without any injured.If he lost at that time,he may not turning back into our space/ our real world,that we know somehow."So Lucky,isn't It...??",Unfortunately,no pictures/videos proving that,"So Wasted"

Monday, December 14, 2009

How good are we...?

Most of us in IT world are so expertise in many fields,since we can sort problems by using pcs,laptops,even mobile phones.Some of them called themselves"Professional",since they really have certificates,no matter what kinds of field they have joined.Unfortunately,when comeback into real world,they are just dum people.Don't know how to take care of themselves,communicates with other people,respectives,reliabilities,& etc...So bad...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


1st time having a new blog,just like a new life is borned from my friend's body. (n_n)
I'm Ucion ian,hope that U,U...u can enjoy my fresh blog,fresh smells,& fresh air in our being polluted environments,so that U can remember me,as yr friend,no matter where u are.

1st time having a new blog,just like a new life is borned from my friend's body. (n_n)
I'm Ucion ian,hope that U,U...u can enjoy my fresh blog,fresh smells,& fresh air in our being polluted environments,so that U can remember me,as yr friend,no matter where u are.

1st time having a new blog,just like a new life is borned from my friend's body. (n_n)
I'm Ucion ian,hope that U,U...u can enjoy my fresh blog,fresh smells,& fresh air in our being polluted environments,so that U can remember me,as yr friend,no matter where u are.


Simple lifes...live simple

Ya...U can take flights for travelling,workin,fly here n there everyday easily...(get so much of travels' experiences).U can have meals ,until those meals is being wasted cause of the order is overload.U are so wealthy to buy few islands,but U may not able to get yr own health. ( ??? )

What i wanna mention is,try to have simple lifes,as simple as we can (since most people say:wealthy=prosperity=longevity=life),I agree with that (n_n),but i never heard that somebody won't died at the end of the day,n no one 'll get earn the whole world's money (just extend the period of their lifes).Simple lifes doesn't focus just on wealthy (how much we 've earned so far),but is also based on mentally,n physically.Think...if everything is taken overaging (what U think just enough for),U may not feel so stress (mentally)/getting overweight of what U are having,the % of getting heart attack,high cholesterol 'll be lesser (physically),U don't have to pay such an expensive bills of getting health (wealthy),and U may helping those people who need foods to get survival.Even over exercising 'll cause temporary/permanently illness.At that time,U may think that yr healthy is more valuable that yr wealthy.

Different kinds of people,differences lifestyles having...hope that simple lifes 'll make U happy,healthy,n longevity...(a_n)...Chao !!

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