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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Wish

It's Not what I Want to,

But What Can I Do?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Will (Part 2)

Some one who knows me,I just realized that I really have problems of my health recently.I really feel that few times…my heart's longkang is stucked,just like tandas sumbat,then banjir.Luckily,few times without the operations,the longkangs makes some adjustment,force my heart pumping,and go as smooth as a healthy person.

I know that being borned,growth,sick,n die is part of our real life's reality.Even for some people,when they are talking about death,they just skip those topics.But for me,I knew that the word of "Prevention is better than cure”. So,I force myself to lose weights (as I can) not to burden my heart pressure.I really don't know when it 'll stop,that's why dated on 30/11/10,I told my parents again...!about my problems,so that they can face it,incase what I'm concerned about become an incident.(Really don't want u crying for me,but just face it)

So,health is absolutely important to everyone,don't wait until we can't save ourselves,then we regret it.Don't over actions,everything which is over,the site effects 'll find U.(Average)

What I'm talking about is…,tell U all don't get really sad (just a different timing for us to say goodbye).And I'll put my all informations as per below,if U want to use/take it in future for your convenients.Remember,pls keep for me those stamps collection,newspapers,pictures(not much),novels(mine one Ha…),I have kept so long for these things.Anybody wants it,don't give them (I won't know what they'll do on my staffs).But if U want to put it in the internet as service charges,U can do it,in proper way. (Even I die liao,nothing for me that I can concern about…,maybe I'm not dying lea...)

So,these are my personal things that I have,in the year of (2010).

Last thing,b4 I prayed for those Gods last time,I have forgotten how much times that I had prayed for this.So,I would pray myself again,to extend my lifes to live longer than what the Death Devil expected…I would pray from: (Guan Nin Ma…Dua Pek Kong…Guan Teh Kong...Dai Sing Nya… Datuk Kong...Amen…,Yea So…Ah Pa…(just like what they want us to live longer: 200 years from cow,300 years from dog,100 years from dog,and 400 years from human to realize about our life.)

(If I became a vempire for twice,don't blame & blaming me again lor…)

And I also like to learn japanese language,and music,I want to do it. I want to live rather than die,now it is not the time for me to say bye…!!!

(Still got "To be Continue…"? No more,later on'll getting bored of it)
(Thanks for yr patients waiting my final story...for 3 yrs long)

Author: Ucion06

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Recently my Friend had Travel to Korea.And She told me that There got lots of Delicious Food.

And She'd Met With:
陪勇军 、

按几Cent,Because the Vending machine can come out with Cent2 One 、

下大雨 、

Then Malaysia Got Rain.Heavy Rain。。。


Can't go to School liao。。。

Can't GO HIKING AT KK Miao also。。。


And That's why Wantan Mee is So Famous。。。!!!

I Sumpah lain Sikit,People TAKE Their hand,Sumpah

I rAISE My Kaki ,

But U Can't See It。。。

This One Lagi Hebat,Use Their 2 BOLA Pumping。。。

Strong Enough。。。!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

[罗家英] 的美声 Pretty Sound

金句、京剧:[ 下雨好收衫啦。。。!!!]

I am the only One For U。。。

And U。。。

And You。。。

献给几够认真一下的 [ 罗家英先生 ],

因为有他的 Only You。。。

才会有更多的 Only 玉。。。


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Victim [Cheated By Daily-mails]


As what You can See according to those 3 Pictures,I had actually Pay Them,And The Account Status is the proof that My Account was upgraded into [Premium Membership] Dated on 18th July,2012.

The Payment sent to : dm.payout@gmail.com ,and the
Membership Cost     : USD 179.00

in that Website are same with the [Payment Transactions Details.I Hope I can get My Earning BAck,and the Benefits as What I Reserve As [Premium] Membership.Rgds

And that was The e-mails that They Reply to Me: [They Denied on My Membership's Status,and They Don't pay me As What I Reserve to get  [Premium] Membership's Benefits !!!]

 Proofs of My Account Status,Payments that I Had made,And the membership's Descriptions.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

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